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What Can I Do to Maximize Compensation for My Car Accident?

What Can I Do to Maximize Compensation for My Car Accident

Have you recently been injured in a car accident in Alabama? Are you hurt, confused, and trying to figure out how to maximize car accident settlement?

If so, the personal injury lawyers at Abogados Centro Legal can help with a free consultation.

The last thing you should have to worry about after an accident and medical treatment is getting fair compensation for your injuries, losses, and pain and suffering.

Steps for Maximizing Your Compensation

Suppose you were recently injured in a car accident. The amount that is paid as compensation for your injuries should reflect the cost of medical care, lost wages, and potentially your future well-being.

In that case, the amount you can recover will be maximized by ensuring you take some of these steps and do so promptly:

Document Your Losses

The biggest tip for maximizing your settlement is documenting your medical expenses and lost wages.

When it comes to a personal injury lawsuit, the more monetary damage you can prove to the insurance company, the larger your final settlement will be. So make sure you go to a doctor or to the ER and tell the medical professional that you were in a car accident so that it is noted in your medical chart. Communicate all the details about any pain or discomfort you are experiencing and save all your medical bills and records related to the accident.

Attend all medical appointments as directed, as regular treatments and follow-ups can be a powerful part of supporting your car accident injuries claim. Also, if you missed work due to the accident and your related injuries, make sure you save proof of a decrease in your wages due to the accident. The higher your medical bills and the longer you are out of work, the higher your car accident settlement will be.

So make sure you document, document, document…. it will make a massive difference in your final settlement compensation.

Gather Evidence

To maximize your car accident settlement payout, you next must gather evidence that you were not at fault for your injuries.

The best evidence for this type of personal injury lawsuit comes from a police report and statements. You have a right to have access to these records, which can help prove the accident resulted from the negligent party’s wrongdoing, not yours.

Unknown to many, Alabama is a “contributory negligence” state. The Pure Contributory Negligence Rule states that even if the injured party is only 1% at fault for their injuries and damages, they cannot recover an insurance settlement.

If possible, you may also want to take photos immediately after the accident. Pictures of any vehicle or property involved at the scene can prove to be crucial in your injury case.

Keep Your Personal Injury Claim Private

This one is important—keep the details of the accident and the claim private. Do not post about it on social media or other public forums.

You may consider keeping a journal of what happened, as memories can become unclear. Write down what happened as soon as possible after the accident and what law enforcement may have told you, what the other driver may have said, or any other details from eyewitnesses.

What you say and write on social media can be used as evidence in a personal injury case, so to be safe, ensure you keep the details of your accident private until after a settlement pays out.

Contact a Car Accident Attorney

Suppose you have sustained severe injuries, or even just one of the many common car accident injuries, and want to maximize your settlement payout for your personal injury claims.

In that case, you first should contact a qualified personal injury attorney who can help you navigate the legal waters surrounding accident and injury law in Alabama.

That’s where we come in. At Abogados Centro Legal, we specialize in personal injury law related to automobile accidents.

Experienced Car Accident Lawyer

Abogados Centro Legal is a personal injury law firm focused on Hispanic accident victims in Alabama. We specialize in personal injury cases surrounding bus accidents, car accidents, and other vehicle accidents.

We pride ourselves on building a solid attorney-client relationship with our Hispanic clients so they can get fair and equal treatment in the Alabama legal system.

If you need an experienced personal injury lawyer to work with you on settlement negotiations to get you a fair settlement with the insurance company, contact us for your free consultation today.

You deserve fair compensation for your personal injury settlement, and our legal team can help.

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