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Injured in a car accident or another accident in Russellville, AL? A car crash, slip and fall, or workplace accident often results in painful injuries, but it can also leave you with some heavy financial costs. Medical bills become crushing, you miss work for medical treatment, and your vehicle probably requires some expensive repairs—and these are just some of the residual effects of an auto accident injury.

The good news is that you don’t need to brave this lengthy and stressful road alone. With Abogados Centro Legal, you’ll have an experienced Russellville personal injury lawyer by your side the whole way, and we’ll fight for the settlement you deserve. Reach out and schedule a case review today. We’ll walk through the specifics of your accident and the intricacies of the personal injury claim process in Russellville, AL.

Russellville Car Crash Statistics

According to the Alabama Department of Transportation, Russellville, AL, saw 236 car accidents in 2019—a year-over-year decrease from the 269 total crashes in 2018. A total of 70 people were injured in those auto accidents, which was a year-over-year decrease of more than 30%. An accident is never planned, and when one happens to you, it throws a major wrench into your life. When you’re facing the aftermath of a collision, recovering can be a long and painful road. This is particularly the case in personal injury cases that involve serious injuries or the wrongful death of a loved one. You need an experienced Russellville personal injury lawyer on your side to guide you through the emotional legal process of a personal injury lawsuit.

Personal Injury Resources in Russellville, AL

You need all the help you can get after being injured in an auto accident. The ordeal often results in a lot of pain, worry, and stress. The aftermath of a car wreck can be hectic and overwhelming, but the good news is that you don’t have to go through it all alone.

Here’s a quick list of useful resources in Russellville, AL, that can help you through your personal injury accident ordeal.

Russellville Hospital

Whether you experienced serious injuries or minor ones due to your car accident, it’s crucial that you seek immediate medical attention. Getting treated right away prevents further injuries and quickens your path to wellness. But receiving medical care after an accident can also bolster your personal injury claim by including official medical records. Russellville Hospital is a 49-bed acute care hospital that serves Winston, Marion, and Franklin Counties.

Russellville Hospital 
15155 US-43
Russellville, AL 35653
(256) 332-1611

Eddie’s Collision Repair

Most serious vehicle accidents leave people with thousands of dollars in car repairs—and that’s if the car isn’t completely totaled after the crash. When filing an insurance claim, a personal injury law firm can help you get compensated for all your damages—including those to your motor vehicle. To help bolster your personal injury settlement, Eddie’s Collision Repair is one of many local businesses that can give you an official repair estimate for the damages the collision caused to your car.

Eddie’s Collision Repair 
21441 AL-24
Russellville, AL 35653
(256) 332-9090

Riverbend Center For Mental Health

The suffering you experience after an accident isn’t always just from physical injuries. Especially in personal injury cases for serious car accidents, injury victims are often left to endure mental health trauma and emotional distress from their injuries or resulting disabilities. Riverbend Center for Mental Health is one option among many local mental health care facilities that may be able to provide some assistance.

Riverbend Center for Mental Health 
205 Jackson Ave S
Russellville, AL 35653
(256) 332-3971

Reliable Car Accident Lawyers Serving Russellville, AL

While many resources are available to you after being injured in a car accident, your most valuable resource is a Russellville personal injury attorney. Injury victims that hire legal representation for their personal injury lawsuits tend to experience a smoother overall process. They generally walk away with higher settlements than those that go through the claims process alone.

At Abogado Centro Legal, we specialize in a variety of personal injury practice areas:

Contact the Experienced Russellville Personal Injury Lawyers

Being in a car wreck or other accident is often life-altering. Accident injuries can have life-long effects, financial burdens post-accident can be crippling, and the trauma from serious injuries often requires professional therapy. At Abogados Centro Legal, we understand the stress you experience during and after an accident and aim to make the process as smooth as possible. We work hard for each of our clients, and we ensure that the insurance companies treat them fairly so that they get the compensation they deserve.

Frequently Asked


How is pain and suffering calculated in Alabama?

The method for calculating compensation for pain and suffering damages is not a one-size-fits-all formula in Alabama. In every personal injury case, a jury or a judge will ultimately determine the final settlement award for non-economic damages.

They base their decision on factors that help indicate how much the plaintiff suffered, including how much time they had to take off work, how long it took them to recover physically, and the damage to the vehicle.

Will I get more settlement money with a personal injury lawyer?

While some injured parties choose to take on their personal injury claims alone, negotiating with the at-fault driver’s insurance company can be daunting. Since the average injury victim isn’t necessarily well-versed in personal injury law and negotiation tactics, it can be overwhelming to navigate the road alone.

Russellville personal injury lawyers can represent you and negotiate on your behalf. Having legal representation not only increases the amount of your personal injury settlement, but it also increases your likelihood of getting compensated at all.

How is fault determined in Alabama?

Determining fault in an Alabama car accident is important because of the state’s contributory negligence rule. The Cotton State’s negligence law states that an injured party will not be able to recover any damages at all for your accident if they were partially at fault – even if they shared only 1% of the fault for the collision.

The police and accident investigators examine all of the vehicles involved in the accident and other evidence to determine which driver was ultimately at fault for the crash.

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What can a personal injury lawyer do for me?

In Alabama a personal injury claim or lawsuit must be filed within two years of the accident. In other words, if someone was injured on November 30, 2020, the deadline to file your personal injury claim or lawsuit is November 30, 2022.

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