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Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents

The causes of slip and fall accidents occur frequently. A person is not exempt from a slip and fall happening, in certain places, but they can reduce the risks of falls and slips, taking the necessary measures to avoid them.

Millions of people go to the emergency room each year for slips and falls, according to the National Institute for Floor Safety. Falls can happen anywhere, like at work, in a store, or even at home.

The most common causes of slips and falls are as follows

Slippery and wet floors

After it rains, or because some liquid has been spilled, or because of the presence of ice, surfaces become slippery, causing a high risk of falls and injuries. Companies or businesses are responsible for being aware of these situations and timely informing employees or customers of this situation.

Sometimes, despite this risk, managers do not post the required warning signs, or do not clean on time and if they do, they do not take the indicated measures, causing employees or customers to slip. If this happens, those responsible for this hazard may face charges and liability for the injuries.

Lack or deficiency in lighting

If good lighting, the possibility of stepping on the wrong places or putting your foot on objects that can cause injuries, is great. You should never walk without seeing where you are going. Lighting is important both internally and externally, and employers or managers are responsible for ensuring that this does not happen.


If a person observes cables that interfere with mobility, the logic is to avoid them causing a hindrance. Cables should be kept away from places of human traffic. In the house, if you have cables in hallways or stairs, collect them and avoid unnecessary falls. If you notice cables on the job site that should not be there, the foreman or person in charge should be informed. Better safe than sorry.

Unsuitable shoes

You must wear the right shoes for each site. Let’s imagine wearing flip-flops on a construction site, or where objects are handled that can hit the feet and cause fractures. The same happens in places where the floor remains wet or slippery and use footwear that has a slippery sole. The advice is always before walking, verify that the shoe is suitable and never trust your instinct.

Floors with ups and downs

Mats are especially dangerous in houses or apartments, especially at night and when elderly people live on site. It is probably best to avoid elements that interfere when walking, especially at night. There is a type of lighting with motion sensors that can help you visualize better.

Floors in older places like houses, offices and buildings are not always uniform and those imperfections can cause tripping. Walk carefully and watching where you are walking at all times.

Dangerous roads or platforms

On the platforms, there may be cracks, or ups and downs or waste or remains of some work that can cause falls or slips. Those who have businesses and their sidewalk is in dangerous conditions, they must verify that they remain clear and if they have infrastructure problems, inform the city so that the necessary works can be carried out and correct the imperfect ones.

You should always be aware of where you are walking. Do not be easily distracted, as you lose track of the site, and may fall or slip.

If you have a fall, you should, without thinking too much, hire a lawyer specialist in injuries and falls, to represent you and get your medical expenses covered , the wages you have stopped receiving and that you obtain compensation in accordance with the law.

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