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The Harsh Reality of Illegal Immigration to the United States

La Dura Realidad de la Inmigración Ilegal a Estados Unidos: Por qué no deberías venir caminando a USA

In recent months, we have witnessed an intensification in the migratory wave to the United States, a situation that compels us to discuss the risks and realities faced by those who decide to embark on this journey. Through our platforms (Facebook and YouTube), we have had the opportunity to discuss and share valuable advice for our followers, especially those who, driven by the hope of a better life, consider immigration as a viable option.

Risks and Dangers

The path to the United States is fraught with dangers, and the first and most severe risk is undoubtedly death. Many have lost their lives trying, whether in the desert or during the train journey through Central America. This harsh reality leads us to question: Is it worth risking life to achieve the American dream?

The Reality of Immigration Status

In addition to physical risks, the immigration status of those who manage to cross the border illegally is complicated and often disheartening. Contrary to what many believe, surrendering to border authorities does not guarantee an easy solution to their immigration status. Many end up living in the United States for years before being deported, facing an uncertain future and separated from their loved ones.

Life in the United States without legal documents is extremely challenging. Barriers to accessing employment, housing, education, and basic services are enormous, and the financial burden of simply surviving, added to the debt incurred to undertake the journey, can be overwhelming. It is crucial to understand that living and working in the United States without legal status involves facing a reality very different from what many immigrants imagine before leaving.


Given this reality, our recommendation is clear: think carefully before deciding to migrate illegally. If you intend to come to the United States, it is essential to seek advice and consider the legal avenues available. Migrating legally offers numerous advantages, including the possibility of adjusting your immigration status according to certain requirements.

Before acting, seek advice and explore all available options for orderly and legal immigration to the United States.

We remind you to stay informed and prepared to face the challenges of immigration. If you have questions or need guidance, do not hesitate to contact us. You can communicate with Abogados Centro Legal at 205 506 2129 or schedule a consultation.

La Dura Realidad de la Inmigración Ilegal a Estados Unidos: Por qué no deberías venir caminando a USA

La Dura Realidad de la Inmigración Ilegal a Estados Unidos: Por qué no deberías venir caminando a USA

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