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How to Handle Small Claims Without the Need for Lawyers

Cómo Manejar Demandas Menores Sin Necesidad de Abogados

In our article, we will address a topic that, although it may seem complex, is more accessible than many think: small claims. This legal recourse is a valuable tool for those seeking justice for amounts of money that would not justify the cost of a lawyer’s fees.

What Are Small Claims?

Small claims are judicial procedures designed for cases where relatively small amounts of money are owed. In states like Alabama, the limit is $6,000, although this figure can vary depending on the jurisdiction. The beauty of this system is its simplicity: no juries are required, and a judge makes the final decision, significantly reducing the complexity and cost of the process.

Requirements for Filing a Small Claim

To initiate a small claim, you must meet certain basic requirements. For example, in Alabama, you must be over 19 years old. If a company is involved, the plaintiff must be the owner or an authorized officer of the company.

Steps to Follow

  1. Identify the Debtor: Before proceeding, it is crucial to have the full name and address of the debtor to notify them legally.
  2. Know the Debtor’s Assets: If you win the lawsuit, you will need to know what assets the debtor has to be able to seize them if voluntary payment is not made.
  3. File the Claim: Go to the small claims division of your county’s district court with the plaintiff’s and defendant’s information, as well as a brief description of the reason for the claim and the amount owed.
  4. The Hearing: If both parties appear in court, they must provide all relevant evidence. This can include witnesses, photographs, videos, and any other document that supports your case.
  5. The Judgment and Money Recovery: If the judge rules in your favor and the debtor does not show up or pay within the established timeframe, you can request an order to garnish the debtor’s assets or bank accounts.

Important Tips

  • Evidence: Always gather as much evidence as possible. This includes contracts, receipts, written communications, and other documents supporting your claim.
  • Knowledge of the Process: Although you do not need a lawyer, it is vital to understand the process. Visit the court in advance and gather all the necessary information on proceeding with your case.

Small claims are an excellent option for recovering debts without incurring exorbitant legal expenses. It is a relatively simple process that empowers individuals to assert their rights. If someone owes you money and you do not know how to proceed, consider the possibility of a small claim.

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