Featured recoveries:

$500,000 Accidente con Muerte

San Juan, Puerto Rico: $500,000 – Car wreck involving the death of a passenger caused by a drunk driver. We represented the victim’s family in complex wrongful death litigation involving family members living in multiple states across the United States of America.

$3,000,000 Producto Defectuoso

St. Clair County, Alabama: $3,000,000 -– Defective products liability case involving a defective tire that caused a wreck, injuring an immigrant Hispanic family, including permanent injuries to several minor children.

Jefferson County, Alabama (Bessemer division): $997,000 – Car crash involving a Hispanic immigrant client who was hit head on by a drunk driver operating a company vehicle.


In an agreement, a Hispanic family earned $ 5,000,000.

In addition to these featured results, Abogados Centro Legal has assisted hundreds and hundreds of clients to secure settlements and verdicts, ranging from $500 to $500,000, on a regular basis.

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