E. Nathan Harris is a distinguished attorney from the city of Hoover, Alabama.

He graduated from the University of Alabama School of Law. He also has a degree in Marketing with a concentration in International Business, Magna Cum Laude, from the University of Alabama in Birmingham, AL. Mr. Harris is a member of the Alabama Bar Association, the Birmingham Bar Association and the Alabama Association for Justice.

The graduate focuses on personal injury par excellence and is a leading advocate for minority rights in the Birmingham area.

His decision to become a lawyer was natural. He always wanted to help people and realized that the best way was through law.

After serving for a period of time as a legal assistant of the Constituent Assembly in Ecuador, the graduate completed an internship at his university related to the law of immigrants trying to sue for personal injuries. This aroused a deep appreciation and understanding towards Hispanics. This interest in defending the rights of undocumented immigrants and other minorities, are a unique specialization within the personal injury law and this has been their focus. Currently, Mr. Harris manages two fully bilingual law firms, one in Alabama and one in Tennessee.

As a leader in your area, analyze how immigration status could affect a person’s legal status. Moreover, because immigration status is a concern for immigrants in personal injury cases, the firm has several immigration attorneys.

Despite his achievements, Mr. Harris visualizes a successful future, and that is why he will continue to represent Hispanics and other minorities in Alabama and Tennessee.

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C. Daniel Upton is originally from Madison County in Alabama. He attended Birmingham-Southern University as a pre-ministerial student, graduated with honors in international studies with an emphasis on political science and Spanish. Once he graduated, instead of continuing in the seminary, he enrolled in the law school of the University of Alabama with a full scholarship, thinking of the laws as a great calling and another way to provide a service.

Once he graduated from law school, Danny was commissioned as a missionary lawyer for the United Methodist Church.

His first assignment was in the Justice for our neighbors (JFON) ministry of the United Methodist Church conference in northern Alabama, providing free legal representation to particularly vulnerable immigrants: women and children victims of domestic violence, human trafficking and sexual exploitation; refugees and asylum seekers persecuted in their countries because of their race, religion or political opinion; and low-income families that were divided by international borders. Then, he was sent to the JFON ministry of the Western Michigan conference.

Danny returned to Alabama to help raise the children of his older sister who died of cancer in 2010. In 2011, he became a plaintiff named in the case that successfully challenged HB 56, notoriously anti-immigrant legislation in Alabama. He continued to work with the Ministry of Justice for our neighbors (JFON) until 2013, during which time he worked presenting new projects for the ministry in California, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas.

In September 2014, after almost twelve years of Career in the non-profit sector, Danny joined the Legal Center. Even in private practice, Danny continues to donate hundreds of hours each year as a pro bono service to the most vulnerable immigrants. His practice continues to focus on defense of deportations, assistance for immigrant victims of crime, and reunification of families separated by international borders.

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